A Warlord’s Cry

The world is so large You could get lost right in front of people While they watch While they laugh While they cry It's easy to when all you do is smile and laugh and raise your head It's easy to fade away in your own darkness Simply because you feel all the things opposite [...]


Sound of You

Your presence is the reason I look forward to another life day another star and moon night Used to think fairy tales only existed in empires and heavy pockets I found paradise next to you in dark nights and rainy days I found honor every time you stood up waiting in eagerness with a look [...]

Water Body

A body of water still you keep letting yourself drown Storms can understand the water While you're letting yourself go so is the water to the storm Surface Whose reaching out whose getting lost Silence Drifting away just like there's no shore Hold my hand like I hold your thoughts Set me free on benches [...]

Butter and Flies

Never considered myself an ego type But I feel it my self hyped up with every thought and look involving you I know time sets us up on journeys bigger than what we are but it's how I'm certain my name isn't just another word in your world our world It's how certain Iam about [...]

MY Precious One

I looked at you and for the 2nd time in life I felt like I was falling off the edge into the deep dark ocean and I could tell for the billionth time that nothing ever felt like you, the joy you bring and the sadness that came every time someone hurt you, I felt [...]


All little pieces of me Scattered in bountiful ashes Never to everyone but one All poured out wholly Giving completely without holding back Expressed in times of loss Lying on cold floors Drowning in floods of tears Heart wrenching pain And closed doors When soul and body Finally agree That loss may end us I [...]


I sat in silence while they broke down feminine features into organs Reduce a life giving body into an indecency not to be seen And the females sat with me, only they laughed while I stared Curious how we could let one not born like us tell us what being us was supposed to be [...]