Right Hand

My right hand I hide under your shade Make my light alittle dimmer Only you know how bright I shine I found refuge beside your shadow I'd go a step further behind the shadow For my skin burns at glances that see my light Afraid that if one follows it I might dissapear without my [...]


Dark Nights

I remember the night like it's happening now We shared a night in tears I in one room and the other in the next No it wasn't the same house but it was behind the same wall I heard the pain in the voice of the other just as loudly as I heard my own [...]

Emotions and Guts

I found a stranger by the park A door wide open for me 3 doors locked I took the main seat Felt my presence like a lash on my pupil It didn't say a word instead it offered me a choice Choices So I got in I shut the door and checked the closed windows [...]

Glass Eyes

My heart's on the floor My soul's on fire My mind, my mind is worried that if my eyes open even just for a second there'll be the stare of demons Of all that's been shut down from the feels of my being I'm stuck in a moment A moment where I could breath away [...]

Make Me

I read a poets work I saw their eyes linger like embers of fire Pierced right through my cold soul like daggers from a gentle child. I felt their touch at every word I spoke from it, like acid on my already fragile skin I read and stopped, stopped for a gasp of air, and [...]

Love’s Capacity

There's so much power in the giving and receiving especially in love. It's possibly the most empowering and also can be the most destructive in 'excuse'. All of us or most of us have had a taste of both worlds maybe more of a blessing or a curse kind of feel per person. Being in [...]


A child fascinated in numbers Not in the counting well maybe abit But numbers always seemed to hold a certain power A certain significance In faith and in it's own life As the child grew so did the numbers So did the grace So did the love and the purpose The world put it all [...]