Humble Love.

In moments when we’re in love or simply just love people tremendously we naturally develop an urge for them to not just know but also absorb all that we feel towards them.

Most times lines get crossed not because the motives were wrong but simply because we forget that in them absorbing the love we have for them they take some part of the pain we incur unattached to them.

Is it wrong, I’m not love’s pro just a learner and time let’s me perceive of lessons at every life experience.

We all have a need for love, I think more in the giving of it than in the receiving or maybe just the same, we all aspire for a different being with the same ‘beyond’ as we.

What if the secret is being so connected to ourselves for us to connect to the beyond or what if the answer is being so connected with each other that we don’t just touch heaven but receive from it.

I’m looking at all these paths wondering which one’s the divine one when the answer could be the very one that is most humble.


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