Love Not Debt

There’s a way in life that we’ve focused on giving and expecting

There’s a miracle in the energy of giving without expecting

We’ve all limited love into notions when love is powerfully unconditional

Destroying all that love builds, protects, recreates and labelling love into tiny little microscopic boxes

When we take pain from a life of love of a time that was explosively breathtaking and turning it into a little gross sh**

When we take away from ourselves what is meant to be added onto because the capability of the world couldn’t measure up to that of love

When we give of ourselves what is meant to be kept to ourselves

When we keep of ourselves what is meant to be taken from ourselves
Many times we claim to belong to love even drown in it

Yet I wonder are we drowning love of all it is!?

Love teach me thy ways for Iam too little for all that you are

May I not be under the burden of notions but in all things be overwhelmed through my heart soul mind and body to be all that I’m ordained by you to become

And as I become let me be such a branch at the peaks that I may not dry up but constantly drink and be nourished by you

As I grow of and in you may the leaves and barks that aren’t of you gracefully and in time give shade away from the scorching sun to those below me and even as they fall off may they be a carpet or a stepping stone to those that need it

May the barks protect me from all that isn’t good within and outside me not to build walls against all the greatness but be consistently open to all the heaven created for me.


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