One without the other

Are you happy?

Are you sad?

The world has enquired of me from these

Am I really one or the other!?

I keep thinking

I could easily answer how a song made or makes me feel at the time

There were times a song would make me lie down on cold floors from sadness

There were times that same song made me cry from too much joy

What’s sadness What’s happiness

I’ve felt both separately and both at the same time

Especially when my heart, my being agreed upon something or someone

I’ve learnt in moments that defining one without the other

Claiming one and not the other

Would be like giving half of me to one who gave their all

So I do not claim either and neither do I depart instead I show depths of me

It’s intensity makes them one and not the other

Some stay and drown in all its hell and glory, it’s whips and tenderness,

Some are too afraid of how depths bring out parts of them they never intended to discover,uncover from where they buried them.


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