Night love Light Love

It’s just another day but today like everyday your call is the first your voice too

I feel all kinds of dreamy, my voice sounds off yet it’s one of your favorite things

I’m not sure if I believe you or simply understand your perspective as one in love.

I can’t tell if I’ve ever heard your voice as you’ve heard mine

Not that I wish I did as I’m the first to slip off into the unknown and the last to get out of my million dreams

Both times with your eyes on me.


I’m mad today so I suppose it’s ok that it’s another day for you to be goofy

Changed roles as it’s always your eyes covered in tears from too much laughter

I don’t know if I’m really humorous I suppose you’re just as one in love.


Tonight you’re a bit edgy I’m too extra

Doing the most pushing buttons

You’re off the rails


I’m on a wrecking high

You’re out in the dark getting higher

I’m at home in silence having conversations with songs


I should call you

You’re calling me

And in a dark night we find light and laughter in a love we can’t silence.


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