We live our lives either trying to change ourselves

Or trying to cure other’s of their darkness

It’s strange that it takes us almost all our breath figuring that out

All it takes is being okay with who we are

Our emotions, character, beliefs

All it takes is to accept and maybe even forgive ourselves for not being the medication to the darkness

When we don’t we ourselves drown in all that we’re trying to keep ourselves from

The more time we spend beside the ocean the more the urge to dip just our toes

Stepping out of line

Being beside these oceans and trying to surf while the storms finally kick in has taught me that my oceans are enough

I just need to learn how to find an island within mine

Let all the oceans I’m tempted to soak in and rise above of that are way out of my lane be just an overview

It may not please the tides but the wind and the sun on my found islands would all be worth it

Soak up when I’m ready surf when I know where the storms rage can be calmed.


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