Broken Promises Made Broken Hearts

Staring back at me

The mirror hidden right at the corner

Stealing glances at an image of me that seems so familiar yet so different

Only her tears are slightly covered in a hint of red

I remember that girl every time the pain feels overpowering

I recall her eyes so full of passion,love, pain

So full of loss, the loss that she did not even think of finding a cure to

So aggravating yet so beautiful she couldn’t let go

Eyes that always reminded me of the blood moon

Lost on cold floors wailing to a God she couldn’t feel in the depths of her darkness

A darkness brought along by the light she made herself believe would encompass her from all her fears

A love that would let her spread her wings so freely in the sunsets and sunrises

A song that she would so gracefully be swept by in the cold rainy nights with her bare feet soaking in all it’s glory
But it was on her death bed years later that she wondered what had become of the light

Was it all a made up fantasy to hide away the scars of the scorching sun upon her skin

Or was it to cover up the cold that made it a lot more harder for her to breath

Or was it to soak up all that the rain was, to keep from noticing the tears that mixed up in it

And as life seemed longer it seemed a whole lot shorter

Trapped in the musings of how magical love could be and the reality of all the pain it brought forth

Yet there she lay wondering why her moon blood eyes seemed a little less darker everytime she listened to the wind whisper of promises it never intended to stack up on.


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