Pain Birthed in Throats

Lord I’ve been drowning

My souls been watching my body walk on in fatigue

My heart’s been hiding away from a love I starved for,for years,

My body’s been in silence with my mind

They seem to say nothing but walk and watch with far off stares into the distance
Lord I’ve been mourning for losses I can’t be particular about

I dissapeared yet I’m still visible

Walking within shadows with the light right above me
Lord I’ve been thirsty

Been craving a life beyond this life

A life beyond death

Been yearning for a hand not destined in mine
Lord I’ve been giving forth

Conceiving of twice the joys of a love

A love that bore me into these abyss
Lord I need silence like I need an end to this life

Lord I need strength like I need heaven in my visions

Lord I need light like I need the steps I’ve been taking

Lord I need rebirth like I need their smiles

Lord I need you like I need the hand in mine.

Lord I’m terrified of life more than I ‘never’ was of death.


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