We spend days and nights terrified of fear

We spend lifetimes caged in fear

Invested time spent on how to fight it instead of just being

We’re numb because we forget that the way to not be terrified is to realise that time spent in learning fear is it’s own practice of fear

Practice makes perfect
How can we be so blind to all the things we become due to the time spent in learning how not to become it

My eyes are wide open

I’m crazy yet in amongst damned blindness I see

I have gained insight beyond what I thought possible

I dive into emotions with so much drive so much will it feels like I’m in a different dimension

The people I used to look upto I see differently now as I’m not trying to be anything like

Iam being a higher me, a higher self of self

I see the world busy building towers

I’ve built a temple

I baptise my being in truth even the darkest parts that light is all I hunger for even subconsciously

I found the narrow path

I just begun a journey into the most glorious parts of myself, my life sometimes it’s as though what I was died and transcended into a being that is becoming

I stand in a world differently

Battles are different

But the heart is the same only with different eyes

Iam reborn

Doing what my will pushes me to

Following the path my soul was declared for.

I have changed, I have shed my skin

Each day each night I am someone I would never have thought to be

The greatest gift I ever am.


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