Being Still

In the world, seated at my corner

On my own little seat

Watching people move in and out

Once in a while a bird chirps outside my window

A pet someone else’s pops in and out purring for attention
Happens almost everyday of my life

Only today I’m detached from immersing myself into it

I feel and see waves I haven’t before

Thinking, Wondering on all that could possibly not be a part of me someday maybe sooner than I ever anticipated

I hear laughter, watching bodies react to all that’s around them like it’s all going to be with us forever

My skin feels the weight of those that love me

Those that are attached to me way more than I ever thought before

I feel their pain without really leaving my corner afraid to touch all that’s painted for me

Counting time like I authored it

But in all these I find there’s nothing more I could give

Nothing more I could take

Nothing more I could wish for

Other than all that’s already been given to me and received from me.

Glad still I watch as time slowly slips from me so I drown myself in today

The now watching as I may never be able to in this same state ever again.


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