In The Name of Love

If I had to say something to you

 A younger you 

I’d say

I’m sorry I can’t reach you

That I can’t tell if you need me cause I can’t be there as much as I planned to

But I hope you know my love for you surpasses all the hurdles that separate us, I’m in control of me not the things outside me so with all that Iam in control of I’ve been loving you harder in my absence than I ever did in your presence, I can’t tell if I’ll make it back to you soon but I can promise you that when I can il be better for the future we’re building apart that we both hope is more beautiful than now

So if I miss a couple or several birthdays

Or your first ‘adventure’ or ‘milestone’

Remember I imagine it and celebrate it all with you

I’ve learnt alot about love by you

I’ve learnt alot about faith and forgiveness in your absence

Most of all I’ve been closer to God in these times when I can only write inspired thoughts from how much I miss you every day

Flaws did not separate us neither was the lack of love

All that is now is a test of just how great and precious you are that I need to learn the sovereign relevance of all that you are

I feel love about you in ways I never thought of or ever felt

It draws me closer to wisdom and it grows my spirituality

When you question your purpose ‘mami’ my sweet precious child I hope you know before you read it, not in pain but in laughter that the dream is finally true

As I’ve knelt more for your happiness than I have for my need of your presence.

Love you beyond eternity.


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