Sad Songs

Sad songs always took me to places my walls didn’t dare to but found itself touched by

It’s the intensity by which they awaken me to what’s important

How deeper love is beyond skins beyond souls beyond something we haven’t yet been able to express or ever will throughout eternal centuries

Or maybe it’s in how it helps you know with certainty the difference between holding a strangers hand when you’re falling in love and how a child’s hand is everything in a breath

The sadness that sips in ways you didn’t think possible 

when you’re going through dark times or the comfort the same sad song gives in appreciating all the goodness you keep thriving in

My love for sad songs isn’t always logical but maybe it’s intentional 

It’s how I love a bit more harder passionately

It’s how I get over what’s not important cause it makes me raise my head a little more higher with a fire attitude

It’s how I make memories with and without the world.

Sad songs are the reason we dance to happy ones.


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