In her eyes

She didn’t pay no mind to how love happened

Just imagined it in ways only the Titanic could understand

Her ways were planned determined

She even had a detailed structure of how love would begin progress end and perhaps progress again

A day fell upon her with the sun’s rays dancing on all parts of her

Did things with people she’d known for awhile

So when she laid her eyes on him it didn’t occur to her that a love story had begun just not as per her structures

Days, months, years passed and she ran , hid, explained to herself her being her heart that unplanned things weren’t worth the time
A day of coffee, and tea and deep conversations took risk in her books

Her plan!? Be Cinderella appear and disappear only in this case for good

Whirlwinds occurred,

I don’t think she knew what it would feel like so while the stars the moon the sun the rain took their place it was all just a change in season maybe abit more magical

Years later and she explained why the sun seemed different

The rain felt a bit musical

And the air felt magical

In her books her plan was still unshattered

But her being knew it would the sun would never rise as high as the first day her eyes were out of plan

She loved in the storms and under the setting sun

And though the seasons threatened to tear apart all the unplanned structures those were the pillars that stood the longest

To this day in the sun and under the constellations he was and still is the only unplanned structure in her plans or so she thought.


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