Ways Of The Old

I seek peace in love yet tis sorrow I find

I seek solace in giving yet tis pain I gain

Laying down my soul so deep in the pit

Yet tis your face, your smile, your tears that draw me out into the dark.
Love has torn my soul apart yet it holds it together at mere acceptance

I sought refuge, freedom, joy in the depths of love yet now I lay captive of its poisonous pangs

Still I wait so patiently, each day as I die, each night as I lay awake, all in agony

I embrace the hope that you shall seek me.

My visions cease to be achievements now they’re an escape from facing my disease of you

The mornings are an end to the darkness that protects my heart from your light and yet it is the same that leads me into another dark tunnel of my soul.
My hands shake from rage yet it is the love I feel above all of it

These eyes hide away so much so much truth yet it is this truth I see in the mirror

My feet rush off a million miles away from you yet tis you I find at every turn.

They say it is a lie when you can’t sleep, breath or eat for one yet it is for one I do not find meaning in all these very things

Your words drown my flesh to the death your words cure me of the same
The sun stopped shining now it only scotches me out

The rain stopped trickling down my skin now it only pours out it’s rage on me
I find faith in you I loose faith by you

They say be strong for them to love you

I was strongest and weakest by you


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