Moon type Love 

Walking out towards the bus in the evening

taking a seat right by the window

Tilting my head subconsciously towards the beautiful skies

Its hardly dark out yet, actually its brighter than usual.


Up there looking right back at me is the largest moon I’ve seen in my lifetime

It’s full, larger, brighter and to me earlier than usual

Seems like everything is a new experience my entire life well it’s still occurring so yeah entire life is correct

Age seems to not have enough time for me to experience all I should at intervals.


Facing each other a thought, no actually a couple of thoughts cross my mind

The people that must think I’m a strange being watching the skies for too long

Someone must wonder if my neck hurts in that position by now or another questioning my sanity vs my curiosity or if its just a state of shyness

In all that time love lingers in my mind too, in my soul too, in my heart too


Thinking of love intertwined by my already experienced phases of my past and current life and hopefully of the next life I’m about to plunge into,

The moon in many ways is love to me, the way it watches me, us

Our entire being in phases, year after year, months on end, on days when its visible or invincible to us.


I notice how it seems to follow me as the bus moves,

as I get out of the bus and move on by foot towards home

towards my object of affection waiting

or maybe whose also on their way towards that home.


Its way above me

Now by my side but still far off

Sometimes its way up ahead

Its a  full Moon

Its a waning Gibbous phase

or just maybe a quarter Moon

Well that knowledge of its phase minus the scientific names occurred to me in love terms.


My perspective of love is constant and growing all at once, in a package

What I mean is love doesn’t change its original nature, it grows within that nature

Like the moon its phases occur differently to our human form, perspective, nature

Like the moon it never really fades away despite statistics it only grows to a phase we do or do not recognise or cannot define in our being, human nature

It seems blindingly bright at a time so insurmountable in form

It seems gibbous, undefined yet very present

or just maybe quarter phase, fading

Sometimes even invincible.


Through this walk, by this walk I realise

Its always present, in its invincibility the sun rises brighter

In its rise the sun sets beautifully so

Whose to say the moon and the sun aren’t love!?

Whose to prove like both these miracles, love won’t rise  or glow again

Season after season, rain or snow we will always have the sun

we will always have the moon

We will always have love in all its nature,

We may not know how to define it or understand the growth by which it appears but that does not mean that it is absent, it’s a season a phase by which it grows and grows it must , that like the moon is it’s nature.




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