The Ways We Love

Time over time,

Past time and I wondered,

Was how I remembered them,

How they remembered me,

Fear of existing in memories,

fear of not being in them.

Time changed me,

Everything but the soul,

Still I hold dear all that I did before I was I,

Love’s forever I heard,

Yet in the knowledge of it

Still couldn’t fathom the matter of its weight.

Running miles,

Growing into a more self sufficient Island,

Only time can tell when I’ll dip my feet in the waters

Just to allow myself to feel all that my soul has caged in.

Once in a while I experience me in their memories,

In how they look at me,

Once in a lifetime I hear I see all that I’ve been wondering

And still once in a while it knocks the air out of me

How more dear they still hold onto all that I was

All that Iam like theirs nothing like me.

The ways I love you are less the ways I see you continuously endear me, never once did I fade from you even as I lived on.



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