Reel In

A pull and pull

so close to each other

Finding worlds in the warmth of your arms

There’s no searching no hunger of wanting to know whats beyond me

Beyond my human reach

We’re lost in each other

There’s no lines of contrast

Carrying each others joy

Each others pain

As one

Beyond return.



A push and pull

It gets too frightening

Another being so close to my soul

I feel it stop I feel it thump to absence and presence of you

Loosing control of my mind

Trying to win back the power of me

Searching for you searching for me

Closed in on a beckoning to free myself

Trying to drown my existence in the search of you.



A push and push

Pulling me in

Withdrawing away  from your clasp

In fear of a glance it might pull me in

Running so far off

I cannot recall the sound of your heart against my fragility

Still I run in search of nothing but myself

To feel the warmth of my heart against my palm

My soul in gardens of endless freedom

A mind of great heights

A love I never knew possible from within.




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