I love to simply be and I don’t mean in a lazy I’ll munch junk and just sleep type of way, my type of be which is a few minutes or hours everyday involves really thinking about the inner stuff that the world seems to shy away from, ok lets correct that; people not world as I see the world as more open than we humans ever choose to be. Its strange how we as humans could pour our heart and soul into something or someone and moments later which in this case is undefined time then just smash the very thing or person that we poured our core selves into.

This is not a judging session its a lets face this fear moment, we can define fear in all manner of vocabularies but I finally see that it really is fear; the fear of vulnerability and maybe of failure, don’t we all count something or someone we’ve invested in with less results as per our mental plan of result a ‘fail’!?

I find my mind and heart too different in terms of how I see the world and how both my mind and heart matures after all isn’t maturity about how our perspective outgrows the ordinary ways of human kind in thought and in act which stems from how our hearts really are!? A question for another day.

I’ve had numerous conversations about unconditional love and they all did not start out as that, they all begun with a rant of victim and victum and this trail always led me into a corner where I was the gospel of unconditional love with the other side headstrong on why unconditional love is really not supposed to be unconditional, so here goes my uninterrupted perspective

When we love anything or anyone or a moment it shouldn’t ever have to really change just because the thing didn’t turn into a something or a person didn’t or in most cases did something or a moment got clouded because something happened. Truth is we’ve all given and we’ve all taken so why not let the ‘something’ or the ‘imperfection’ of people or moments be a separate entity from that of a magical anything/person/moment!?

Why wallow in dark times when there’s countless magical times you’ve had before the ‘something’.

Life should be lived in the joys we’re privileged enough to choose to enjoy and when I say privileged I mean the gift of life simply breathing and being able to choose what to enrich and what to destroy in yourself is a privilege. Put no conditions on unconditional gifts, love is unconditional and so is forgiveness, grace, peace, joy and all the good things we dream of and wake up to work hard for, energy to is unconditional the only things that are conditional are strung along by negativity, look at hate it says

I will love you as long as you’re built a certain way

Hopelessness says I will work hard for my dream as long as I do not fail again

Bitterness says I will hold onto this pain as long as you did this…

Lets delete “conditions” and put “unconditionals” on recurring copy and paste action

Conditions are for those lost in the madness of wimps Unconditional is for those who have found themselves and drowned themselves in a beauty of life only few acquired or acquired in the face of breath being deprived of them.


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