Everyone in life matters

Everyone whose been close to you recurrently year after year, good or bad matters ; Don’t hold onto conflicts as they are petty distractions , excuses as to why you shouldn’t let them see your vulnerability.

Guess what when they’re gone it hits you harder that they do matter after all, that you did or do still care, you just never took the time to really feel or drown in that reality. Whether you choose to believe it or not, their joy and pain will or already does influence your perspective on life especially about what truly matters and what doesn’t.

The gift of life is the privilege of being influenced, inspired or being unaffected by the difference of perceptions via people. It shouldn’t destroy us, its meant to either teach us to unlearn or learn a different way of life and incorporate change of perception/perspective from our experiences.

Life is great when we unlearn all the bad stuff and instead learn all the positive that really does change our lives immensely.

Make it a habit of choice, whatever it is we feel we can choose for it to either mould us or reduce us, no one wants to die or wallow in being small that can’t possibly be anyone’s vision or end game.

Learning what to let go of and what to embrace not chokingly but hold onto in a love free way is the best lesson to learn or unlearn for some of us and really truly live.


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