To Be or Not To Be

We are strange yet we find magic from our difference, beauty is in all things weird.


Not trying to fit into normalcy,

weird, crazy, a mad dreamer cause there’s no other way,

a believer of love, giving all without knowing how to fall back,

simply waiting for that blast,that blow up to throw me back,

being extra-ordinary even when it seems “disturbed”,

hating perfection,

a perfect world needs no knight,no hero,

inseparable from fragility,

A warriors tale needs a beautiful fragility (love),

A little hidden secret of weakness,exactly where the heart can be easily crashed

not trying to be cool,

If I happen to be,damn!! it’s a big slip.

An unraveled mistake that I won’t bother to correct,

It just might be a dent to my imperfect status,so perfect in itself

Wild yet gentle,loud but silent,flaws with a try out at goodness

Crashing n rising,rising n loosing way,searching n changing,

Forgot how to please,never how to feel people’s pain,someones heart

cut easily,heal fast too

never forget though I try to,forgive but never the same trust

still I understand we’ve all got the dark side n i smile too because we’re all in that boat

don’t shed a tear for that little bit of me you’ll see that you never thought of its possible existence

there will be waterfalls,don’t hold my hand n pray for my perfection

only stand by me n have faith that I’ll get thru’

care too much rush back but don’t crash my being,as there’s not enough cosmetic to make new a scarred heart

point a finger,i might break it but then again i just might let it publicize my existence

judge me maybe I’ll simply seat back n watch or cry then smile or smash something that I hop has no breath in it

I’m not a knight n neither I’m I a princess,my existence seems frail but of royalty you’ll never know unless u strike

adore heroes,there’s nothing as sweet as one running to your rescue

can stand up for your own self or simply let the opposer whip he’s sword till all the effort runs dry

at times the sidelines have better view

privilege to rule yet kneeling to wash out all the dirt on their feet

those who serve understand the sovereignty beheld

you can only know engulfing darkness by going into the alley never by standing over the mining entrance

knowing they’ll rip you apart yet waiting for them to pounce on you

then taking back all that’s yours and much more by letting them know

they took it all cause you let them and you took everything n the tip back as you own it all

loving so much even when it’s the reason you lose too much

shielding,protecting so deep while it chooses to slip away

crawling so low,so deep in the dirt when your veins your heart is pure royalty

letting it cut so deep,so wide,so legendary when u know where the cure is

staying within the empire’s walls when the kingdom is in the palm of your hands

all a choice of give never take.

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