One without the other

Are you happy? Are you sad? The world has enquired of me from these Am I really one or the other!? I keep thinking I could easily answer how a song made or makes me feel at the time There were times a song would make me lie down on cold floors from sadness There [...]


Give and Take

How frail love seems from separations eyes It's how time makes you question all the tangible as though they never really were How we unravel our innermost selves into boxes of was is really and it couldn't be Most of all it's the fog and clearing up of all that we once swore with our [...]

Perfectly Paradise

I found life in my death I rose up stronger than the tide I was stripped of love I transformed my innermost being to become A spirit of love all that has become me has been drawn from the deepest parts of love Words suddenly sound different Words have changed into life Eyes shut and [...]

Beautiful One

I'm certain that I know you more than I know of you It's in how my spirit awakens by the sight of you In the undeniable presence of your unconditional love Connecting to a higher power than all humanity I wonder at how you living this beautiful intentional life still I'm certain I already know [...]

Back and Forth

Thought I was swimming to shore Body rose up in the middle of the ocean Planned for coffee over past friendship talks Heart embraced all of you like the last breath Took the longer route so that I wouldn't be caught up in the waves walking the short route The wind carried me to turmoils [...]


Something about perfection In all it's fascinating angles Yet I shy away from all that I could be if I was Perfect in my flaws Perfect in my vulnerability Yet it's how scary it feels to not be perfectly perfect It's the risk we take everytime we fully let our oceans blue It's the fear [...]

Old Self

My old books My old writings A being that's so like me being unlikely Why do you stare at me with such intensity I can't feel you but I recognise it I can feel it but do not recognise you We're headed somewhere I can't tell whose "righter" I cast out your work like the [...]

Light Freedom

A writer's hands are a different perspective from the perspective of the body The soul spits by pen, speaks on paper They're torn because they have a taste of the soul but the body seems detached from it's mind How can you fall in love with the poetry and not the poet The letters written [...]