The Ongoing Life

Life is really different at every stage Often I've questioned how at times people seem to want to go back As though going back will somehow make everything better than it presently is The realisation isn't really about how we could undo our "flaws" or "regrets" It's to learn that the knowledge of every human [...]



Held his breath everytime I walked into a room It was never a thought beforehand but it always felt natural despite it's unusual effect, almost like stepping into a higher realm Felt it before spotting him, it was like he'd set it up so that there were loud drum rolls for my presence A look, [...]


Truth is such a complicated act So much that we seek it in others experiences Never in the rawness of our own path, voices, love Maybe we live in a world that's scarred because we're defining everything through the wrong lenses What if love isn't sculpted out originally but is meant to be layed out [...]

The Difference

Life reveals to you about misconceptions About how different you are from the fold Simple ideas, views Intentions displayed Emotions expressed and withheld How love is more about our persona in our journey than it is in how well or less it's clasped by the outside Life helps us acknowledge our fears within our wants [...]


Laughter from the depths of you Sweet I've mistaken earth for paradise Embrace me Enfold me in within your illusions Engulf me as though I'm your last breath Keep me living by breathing into your own life Choose me whenever love needs to be proven when you're a wreck when you're the cause of the [...]

Lead Me

Been on a life travel Heart or soul's been leading me into paths I couldn't possibly foretell the gates I'll open I've been watching stars and the moon under dark clouds I've seen the sun rise with the rain Seen my heart shutter it's walls for a love like yours One you never thought could [...]


It's in our nature to cry at some point in our human life Funny how we even cry about not being able to cry Is pain really supposed to be such a bad thing Been doing it for centuries we've lost the entire meaning of it's purpose Not the purpose we set, the one set [...]